Your Experts

Legal advisor and legal representative

Are you under 18 years old? You get help from experts. You can always ask the experts for advice.

Your expert is called “legal advisor”. He will help you for free. He assists you during the admission procedure. Ask: Where is the office of the legal advisors in Traiskirchen and in the “special care centers”? Ask: When (on which day) do the legal advisors work?

Later other experts will help you. In Austria a “legal representative” is responsible for you. Your legal representative ensures that your rights in the asylum procedure are respected.

Many children and adolescents also call their legal advisor and representative “lawyer” or “vakil”.

Every minor has a “guardian”. The guardian helps you:

  • Housing
  • School
  • Health

You can always ask those experts for help. They can answer your questions. They will take time for you. Always ask your experts how you can contact them. Ask for their telephone numbers. Call the experts.