You are now in Austria.
Hopefully, you arrived safe and healthy.

This information brochure explains the asylum procedure in Austria. This information shows your rights and responsibilities.
Inform yourself about the asylum procedure. You should know how it works.

We wrote this information for you. We are a group of experts and of adolescents in the asylum procedure. We wrote this information together.



Austria is a country in Europe. Austria is a Member State of the European Union (EU). The EU consists of 28 countries, for example Germany, France, Hungary and Greece. The capital of Austria is Vienna.

In Austria, children and adolescents are protected by the police. You are safe here.
Are you scared? Is somebody threatening you?
Please tell the police.

Problems? Questions?

Would you like more information? Is there anything in your asylum procedure that you don’t understand? Are things described here different from what you experienced in your asylum procedure? That happens.

Please talk to a person you trust. For example: your legal advisor, your legal representative or a person working for an aid organisation. You have rights and should know about them. You can get help! For information about your legal advisor and legal representative organisations support, please see the page about Your Experts.