Arrival in Austria

Every person who asks for asylum in Austria will be brought to a safe place. There are safe places in the federal states of Austria. They are called „distribution centres“. Are you below 18 years old? Then you will be taken to the safe place „initial reception centre“. The initial reception centre is in Traiskirchen in the federal state of Lower Austria. The Initial Reception Centre East is the official name for the camp in Traiskirchen. In other parts of Austria there are also “special care centers” for children and adolescents.

The Infopoint

Where do you live? Are you in Traiskirchen? At the „infopoint“ inside the initial reception centre you can get more information. There you can also see a map of the Initial Reception Centre East.

Infopoint Traiskirchen

Identity card

When you arrive, you receive an identity/application registration card. Your identity card is important. You must ALWAYS have your card with you.
If the police ask you for the card, show it to them.

Green card:

Infopoint Traiskirchen
The admission procedure starts. Where do you live? Are you in Traiskirchen? You can leave the Initial Reception Centre Traiskirchen. You can visit the town of Traiskirchen. You are not allowed to go to Vienna. See the map for borders. Within the orange marked area (district of Baden), you can travel around. If you cross the boundaries of the orange marked area, the police can punish you.

White card:

Infopoint Traiskirchen

Your asylum procedure will take place in Austria. You will be given a new place to stay. You might be transferred to another part of Austria, another federal state. Sometimes it takes time until a place in another accommodation facility is free.

Does a member of your family already live in Austria? Please tell the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum.

At the doctor’s

Infopoint Traiskirchen

A doctor will examine you. He wants to find out if you are healthy. The doctor will check your lungs. If you are ill, he will give you medication. You can also get vaccination.

Are you in pain? Do you feel ill? Please tell the doctor how you feel.