The interviews after your arrival

Travel route and age

Before the interview the police will take your photograph and prints of all your fingers. Don’t be scared.

Fingerprints will be saved on the computer. A person may be able to change his name, but fingerprints will always stay the same. All police in Europe are working together. They compare fingerprints across Europe. The police can see immediately if a person has been in another country. This is the Dublin procedure.

Show all your documents and papers to the police, for example passport, doctor’s letters, school reports, photos. The police need that information. The police might check your documents and papers.

The police will ask you a lot of questions, for example about:

  • Your home / your country
  • Family / relatives
  • Birthday / age
  • Travel route / countries you came through

Did you get any information? From whom? For example from the person who brought you to Austria? Such information is often wrong. Please tell the police your true story. Please tell them what you know.

Please answer all questions as best you can. You don’t know the answer? Say “I don’t know”. Only say what you know for sure. Please tell the truth.

What is trafficking? What is child trafficking? Many people, children and adolescents are brought to Austria on their own.These children have to work, beg, steal, or sell sex. They are forced to do so. Child trafficking is forbidden. Child labour is forbidden. Children and adolescents are protected by the law. Please say if you are forced to work for somebody. Please say if you know a child who is forced to work. The police help children and adolescents. 

At the end of the interview a written record will be read out loud. The interpreter will tell you what it says. Listen carefully.

Is everything written down exactly as you said it? Sign the record only if it is correct. You will have more interviews later on. All the interviews will be compared.

You can get a copy of the written record. Ask for a copy of the written record.

Another interview in Traiskirchen?

Sometimes you will get an appointment for an interview with the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. In the Initial Reception Centre Traiskirchen go to House 17 to the waiting room. Please wait. A person will come and pick you up for the interview.

In the interview the most important topics are: your travel route and your age. Please explain everything in detail.

Would you like something to drink? Do you need a break? Please say so.
Are you ill? Please say so.

Do I have to speak German?

You can speak in your language. Interpreters will be with you at your interviews. Interpreters speak both German and the language you speak. They translate what you say into German. They translate what the case owner asks you.

Interpreters are language mediators. They are no judges.Interpreters are not allowed to say their opinion. They haveto be neutral. Interpreters are not allowed to tell other people about you. You don’t understand the interpreter? Please say so immediately. This will not result in any negative consequences.