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The content presented on this website is based on an information brochure published by UNHCR Austria and the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. The information is for children and adolescents, under the age of 18, who are alone in Austria and who applied for asylum.

Special thanks go to Verena Krausneker, Maria Moser, Verena Plutzar and Martin Wurzenrainer and 50 adolescents from Afghanistan, China, the Russian Federation and Syria who helped us to develop this information.

We also thank the representatives of ARGE Legal Counselling – Diakonie and Volkshilfe, Asylkoordination Austria, Federal Administrative Court, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum, Diakonie Deutschfeistritz, Don Bosco – Project Abraham, International Organisation for Migration, Verein Menschenrechte Austria and Integration House – Caravan.


Brochure design: Marlene Böhm
Illustration: Magdalena Ortlieb
Translation: Annika Bergunde and Gabrielle Sabourin


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